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At Sassy LA we tell women that real human hair wigs can make an incredible difference in their look and life. Real human hair wigs can be virtually undetected by those who wear them. If you wear these wigs people may not know that you are wearing one unless you tell them that you are.

In this article we will address the following:

The practicality of these wigs.
Benefits of these wigs.
Maintaining them and
Their cost.

When it comes to choosing the best wig for you there’s the option of synthetic hair wigs or real human hair wigs. We at Sassy LA specialize and recommend the real human hair choice for women. In our online store you can find the human hair wig that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Real human hair wigs are made exactly with that, real human hair. Therefore it will look real, because it is real. It will be completely natural in movement and feel. These wigs will not come in a predetermined style, as synthetic hair does. With such wigs you can take your time and style it to the look you want and desire to accentuate your beauty as you choose.


When it comes to the struggles and challenges of styling hair, most women can relate. The reasons for wearing wigs among women vary from medical reasons to simply wanting to change their look and feel.

Wearing wigs is a great way to change your look, fast and without going to the salon or making any drastic changes to your biological hair. Wigs are becoming more and more trendy everyday and the demand for them is on a constant rise.

Wigs are available in various styles (360 lace frontal wigs, lace front wigs and u-part wigs) and types (real and synthetic). In this article we are specifically talking about real human hair wigs.


One of the reasons why we love these wigs is because, with proper hair care, your wig can last up to a year. In addition, the natural movement and feel of these wigs are an absolute plus.

We must add, another great benefit is the styling versatility. With these wigs you can heat treat them. You can do so just as you would with your own biological hair. However, we do strongly recommend that you keep your heat tools under 350 degrees.

Though you can color your real hair wig, we do not recommend it unless it’s done by a professional hair colorist. The reason is because these wigs have already gone through substantial chemical treatment.

With these wigs you have the benefit of choosing from different ways to style your hair without damaging your real hair. For example, you can choose short, long, wavy curly, straight, etc.


These wigs do require more maintenance than synthetic hair and it does take a little more time to style, as is the case with your own, natural hair. We strongly recommend that you wash your wig and deep condition it frequently. Remember, it can’t make its own oils any more.

Bear in mind that the weather will also impact your wig. It’ not immune to rain or humidity or the wind. They will affect it. With that said, the gentler you are with your wig, the longer it will last you.


These wigs are priced higher than synthetic hair wigs. The main reasons being that human hair is costly and the demand for these wigs are high. However, when one considers the benefits of having such a wig, it can far outweigh the price.
Women want to feel beautiful and look beautiful and these wigs will certainly do that for them by accentuating their already natural beauty. 

Remember, we’re hair for you. Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Shop our real human hair wigs.

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