How Long Can You Wear A Lace Front Wig


Lace front wigs have become so popular and it seems that everyone is wearing one. However, there’s a question that everyone wearing a lace front wig has and it deserves an answer: How long can you wear a lace front wig?

The simplified version is, it depends on how you keep up with the lace front wig. However, that’s the general consensus and everyone seems to know it, the better you take care of a wig, the longer it will last. But in this blog post we’re going to delve deeper into answering this question.

We’re going to delve deeper into this subject because we know that wearers of lace front wigs want to wear them for longer periods of time. A reason being, to save time. Yes, wearing a lace front wig for longer periods opens up time in an already tight schedule.

You will be able to wear your wig longer with the tips we’ll offer you on this blog post regarding proper care and maintenance of lace front wigs.


Some important things to outline is that the length of time that you can wear your wig does also depend on certain variables. For example, the type of wig you use, how well your hairstylist puts it on, the amount of time it takes for your natural hair to grow and how thorough you follow natural hair wig care guidelines.

But an affirmative answer to how long you can wear a lace front wig is that it depends greatly on the quality of the adhesive that you use. The adhesive that you use is a major factor because some are for short term purposes and others can keep a wig glued for several weeks. 

It’s important to know that you must choose the right, quality glue, or risk you hair edges being damaged.


Okay, are you ready? Lace front wigs can be worn for up to four to six weeks. That is, with long term adhesive. Ultimately, the chemical composition of the adhesive will determine the hold time of your wig. 

Also, the amount of time you wear a lace front wig depends greatly on the method and products you use to apply the wig. 

With that said, at Sassy LA, we do not recommend that you keep a glued wig on for more than this length of time. The reason is because your biological hair needs attention. You need to moisturize your biological hair regularly. 

You need to remove your lace front wig after four to six weeks to cater to the needs of your natural hair and for proper wig maintenance.

Sure, wigs do accentuate your beauty, but you cannot let them do so at the expense of neglecting your biological hair.


1. DON’T WEAR YOUR WIG AS OFTEN: If you notice you’re wearing your wig everyday, then you need to definitely consider buying another one. The reason is because the less you wear your wig, the longer it will last. 

By having multiple wigs, you can rotate them. Not only will rotating your wigs refresh your style, it will also give you time to refresh your own natural hair. In addition, by rotating your wigs, you can do some “upkeep” on the days you’re not wearing them.

2. MAINTAIN YOUR WIG: It’s important that you have a maintenance routine for your wigs and that you stick to it. Some maintenance tips are combing your wig after you use it, cleaning it with the right shampoo and moisturizing it with a hair conditioner. Also, follow the usage guidelines of wig suppliers and designers. 

3. CARE WHEN STYLING YOUR WIG: At Sassy LA our consensus is that it’s better to style your wig when it’s wet. We recommend that you use rollers instead of heating styling gear.

Wit that said, if you choose to use heated styling products, e.g., straighteners and curlers, we suggest that you use the lowest heating setting possible. And we recommend that you use heat style protection products and do not use styling products anywhere close to the root of the hair.

4. WIG STORAGE: It is imperative that when you are not wearing your wig that you store it appropriately. When you are not wearing your wig you should absolutely place it on a wig stand. Keep it on a wig stand distant from too much heat, dampness and direct sunlight. If you are traveling and you need to take your wigs with you, take them in a wig box. This will ensure that your wigs do not become tangled or damaged during your travels.

These are important tips to follow to ensure that your wigs have a longer lifespan. Follow these tips and the life of your wigs will certainly be prolonged.


If you want to get your wig to the four to six wig mark and you wear your wig to bed, then you must do the following. Be sure to wrap your head with a silk scarf or a satin bonnet. 
WEARING YOUR WIG EVERYDAY: If you are wearing your wig everyday then you need to wash your wig every two weeks.
KEEP AN ADHESIVE CLOSE: You are human and you are constantly moving, in the gym sweating, etc. Therefore, having an adhesive on standby is important. If any area where the adhesive has lost its hold, you can grab your adhesive and touch it up. Necessary touch ups will ensure that the wig lasts the duration that you need it to.
REMOVE THE LACE FRONT WIG FOR PROPER CLEANING: Yes, you can wash a lace front wig while it is on your head, but it’s not possible to get a thorough wash. The reason is because there is product build up, in addition to natural oil build up and sweat under the lace front wig. Those can only be cleaned with total removal of the wig.
AVOID EXCESSIVE WATER EXPOSURE: Water exposure, too much of it, will loosen your wigs adhesive. This will then shorten the lifespan of your lace front wig. Avoid water activities that will compromise the duration of your wig. Soaking your hair and spending hours in the shower with your wig hair under water is an absolute no no. 

With that said, weekly washing and proper drying of your hair is fine. And we do recommend that when possible that you use a dry shampoo. There are such shampoos available that are sulfate-free and wig friendly. These can be useful instead of a full wash. Between dry shampoo and a full hair wash weekly you will give your wig the best chances of lasting as long as possible.


Now you know exactly how long you can wear a lace front wig. Follow these tips and suggestions to assure that you get the lengthiest amount of time and usage from your wig.

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